Grid Boxes designed to eradicate the long felt drawbacks of conventional grid boxes that hold either 4 unclipped grids or 4 autogrids.

Tools that improve the efficiency of the Vitrification workflow with the Vitrobot, by providing higher quality grids and by making the manual steps easier.

Products that enable the clipping of grids and their manipulation and ensure the quality of the clipping.

Items that are useful for the general workflows of cryoEM sample preparation.

Repair services for tools used in the cryoEM sample preparation workflows, providing "like-new" tools for a significantly cheaper price and in a sustainable fashion. Furthermore, NanoSoft offers materials characterization services with cryoEM.

Grid Boxes


* By ordering a 12-pack as seen at left (either with or without lids), you will receive 2 pieces of each of our 6 colors, at a discount (buy 11, get 12th free). If you would like a 12-pack with a different combination of colors, please add the desired units to your cart and use coupon code 12pack to get the same discount.

** Every Grid Box comes with a random, unique 5-digit serial number on the side