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MiTeGen Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck

1 Autogrid Cassette Puck for storing Thermo Fisher autogrid cassette. NOTE: Insert for Thermo Fisher cassette transfer/nanocab loading station is not included (though included in picture)


The new AutoGrid Cassette Storage and Shipping puck is based on our 2nd generation Cryo-EM Puck. The AutoGrid Cassette puck allows users to screen on a Glacios and ship the same AutoGrid cassette puck to a collection facility, or allow facilities to store their cassettes in the puck canes, etc. Designed to fit into cassette loading station.


Works with the following storage, shipping canes and tools:

  • HC34 and HC35 storage canes
  • Puck shipping cane
  • Grasping tongs

MiTeGen Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck

SKU: 28081009
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