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At NanoSoft, we want to revolutionize the way cryo-TEM samples are prepared.  Cryo-EM itself has revolutionized the way we understand biological and other nanostructures over the past decade, as microscopes, cameras and software have vastly improved.  Developments in technology have lead to ~2-3 Å resolution, and the current and future impact of the technique exemplified by the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Cryo-EM in 2017.  

Yet today the process originally developed to prepare cryo-EM samples is still utilized - blotting sample with blotting paper before vitrification.  With the incredible progress made in other parts of the cryo-EM workflow, sample preparation now limits the efficiency and capabilities of the technique.  NanoSoft is working to develop proprietary blotless sample preparation techniques into an unparalelled sample preparation platform.  As we develop this blotless platform, we have also experienced (as users) and heard from other experts of the pains of using current sample preparation technology.  We want to help cryo-EM users now - so we are developing supplementary tools to improve the efficiency, ergonomics and ease of use of current sample preparation systems, while maintaining the long term goal of changing the entire preparation paradigm.


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