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Spearlab Mini Vessel

The smallest Spearlab foam dewar (smaller dewar in displayed image), the cylindrical cavity in this vessel is 2 inches in diameter by 3.5 inches deep, so that it easily holds 130 ml and a maximum volume of 175 ml of liquid nitrogen. Perfect for dermatology and other applications that require a small quantity of cryogenic liquid.


Spearlab foam dewars are effective and durable vessels for handling liquid nitrogen and cryogenic materials. They have gained acceptance as the preferred containers for x-ray crystallography samples, and also are used in a wide variety of other cryogenic applications. Unlike conventional glass and stainless steel Dewar flasks which depend upon a vacuum layer for insulation, Spearlab foam dewars use a fine closed cell foam for insulation. This foam material is chemically inert and mechanically durable enough to be exposed directly to liquid nitrogen, without leaking or degrading. 

Spearlab Mini Vessel

SKU: 28021009
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