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Aquilos/Hydra Extended Operation System

Our Aquilos/Hydra Extended Operation System enables longer continous, clog-free operation of the cryoFIB systems. The Aquilos/Hydra can only run for ~16 hours on one fill of the dewar that comes with the instrument for the heat exchanger, resulting in the need to remove the heat exchanger to add LN2, which can be detrimental to your sample. This can be too close for comfort even for one overnight run.


Aquilos/Hydra cryoFIBs with our system typically run for ~110 hours continuously with one fill of the larger, included 175L LN2 dewar. Furthermore, a fill port is included so that the dewar can be refilled with LN2 without needing to remove the heat exchanger. Regarding this option, our system includes a unique feature not offered by other competitor systems. The top of the dewar around the heat exchanger can get frosty/icy, making it hard to open the top plate to add LN2. Our system has an anti-icing feature to keep excessive ice from forming, making refilling of the dewar easy and quick!


Additionally, all of our design and materials are top quality. Historically there have been issues with clogging of the cooling lines after ~25-40 hours of cryoFIB operation, leading to your sample warming up and being destroyed. Our tubing for the N2 gas lines is optimal for anti-moisture contamination, eradicating this clogging effect. Every component of our system is designed and engineered with premium materials and features, including top quality plastics and our foam, which doesn't chip or degrade over time like styrofoam.


Our system includes:

  • A 175L LN2 dewar to replace the default Aquilos/Hydra dewar for the heat exchanger
  • All parts and modifications to the structure of the heat exchanger, such that it is able to utilize the the larger volume of LN2 in the larger dewar (extendsions to mechanical structure and N2 gas lines)
  • An adaptor plate to hold the heat exchanger body in place at the larger neck of the 175L LN2 dewar
  • Modifications and design to ensure optimal operation of the heat exchanger and the dewar 
  • A fill port to enable refilling of the LN2 without removing the heat exchanger
  • Anti-icing sub-system to keep the top of the dewar/heat exchanger plate from collecting ice/snow, making it easy to access the fill port and add more LN2
  • Additions and modifications to ensure clog-free operation of the system
  • Modifications to the stand for the heat exchanger, to hold the extended exchanger comfortably
  • Full installation of the system on site by NanoSoft engineers


Aquilos/Hydra Extended Operation System

SKU: 32011001
Email to discuss the system and receive a quote
  • The pricing for this system is approximately ~$20-30k (depending on geographic location for installation), including full installation and all parts and modifications. Please email us at for an official quote and to discuss the system and its installation on your Aquilos/Hydra.

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