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Autogrid Tweezer

NanoSoft offers the Autogrid Tweezers that accompany the autogrid clipping and cassette loading station from Thermo Fisher Scientific for their autoloader-based cryo-EM workflow.  Our Autogrid Tweezers are designed to have the same geometry as the version from Thermo Fisher, such that cartridges/autogrids are handled and loaded into the cassette in the same way. This includes a notched feature in the tip of the tweezers that provides a datum against which the autogrid can rest, ensuring that the autogrid is placed centered in the cassette slot and at the correct depth. 

Furthermore, our version of the Autogrid Tweezers has the removable tips attached with a specialty adhesive that ensures that the tips remain aligned appropriately (while allowing for disassembly if needed).  We offer this item with equal or better performance than the Thermo Fisher part, but at a far more generous price. 

Autogrid Tweezer

SKU: 23021002
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