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Vitrification Dewar

NanoSoft's foam Vitrification Dewar is compatible with the Vitrobot, and can also provide a robust and easy option for custom, home-made cryoEM sample preparation systems. Furthermore, our parts are interchangeable with FEI parts, i.e. our foam dewar works with FEI metal parts and our metal parts work with the FEI foam dewar. Our foam dewar, developed in collaboration with Spearlab (patent # 7,971,744), provides a well-priced, easy to acquire, robust dewar for cryoEM sample preparation. The design provides an improved interface, such that the Igloo creates a better seal on our dewar containing boiled, cold nitrogen gas in the head space above the dewar allowing for safer grid transfer to the grid box.

Vitrification Dewar

SKU: 21021005
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