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Linkam/Leica CryoCLEM Cartridge Adaptor

Includes: 2 custom gold-plated clamp parts that fasten to the shuttle for the Leica VCT500 for insertion into Zeiss FIBSEMs. Furthermore, the magnetic cover for the Linkam cartridge is sent to NanoSoft to be modified such that the grid/autogrid can be accessed in the FIBSEM.


PLEASE NOTE: no Leica shuttle or Linkam cartridge are included in this package. Customer must ship their Linkam cartridge to NanoSoft for modification.


The CryoCLEM cartridge adaptor enabling direct insertion of the Linkam cartridge (that holds unclipped grids or autogrids for cryo-fluorescence imaging) into the Leica shuttle (for use with the VCT500 system, for insertion into Zeiss FIBSEM) reduces the number of direct manual manipulations of the grid during sample transfers. The Linkam CMS196V³ stage used for cryoCLEM imaging along with the Leica VCT500 for FIB milling of vitrified grids in a Zeiss FIB-SEM enables powerful insights into cells through the utilization of cryoCLEM-based, targeted ion beam milling and subsequent tomography. However, there are multiple direct handling steps of the vitrified grid to transfer them between the Linkam cartridge and the Leica shuttle.


Our Linkam cartridge adaptor removes the need for any direct grid handling once it is placed in the Linkam cartridge. The vitrified grid is placed normally into the Linkam cartridge for cryoCLEM imaging. Our new adaptor and clamp attach directly to the Leica VCT500 shuttle, and once fluorescence imaging is complete the entire cartridge can be slipped into our adaptor and held tightly with the custom clamp. This removes the tenuous manipulation steps of the fragile grid, after the valuable CLEM imaging. Furthermore, we modify your Linkam cartridge to ensure that you have full ion beam access to the grid for lamellae milling. The custom clamp that holds the Linkam cartridge is locked, and unlocked, from holding the cartridge in place through a simple, easy to activate screw in the back of the Leica shuttle.

Linkam/Leica CryoCLEM Cartridge Adaptor

SKU: 13011001
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