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Metal Universal HPF & Grid Box

The Metal Universal HPF and Grid Box is the first storage box for High Pressure Freezing hats (3mm sized), and can also store both bare cryoEM grids and autogrids. The four traditionally laid out pockets have 2 cross shaped slots - one slot holds both unclipped grids and autogrids comfortably and the perpendicular slot holds HPF hats. Because the workstations used for HPF often do not have cut outs to hold grid boxes so a lid can easily be screwed on and off, this new box has flats cut on either side so it can easily be held rigidly with a pair of tweezers and a lid can be screwed into place. 

The anodized aluminum material provides a durable, autoclave-compatible storage box that works for all workflows, whether doing plunge freezing or HPF. Sample tracking is easy as one sample can remain in one pocket from HPF through to clipped autogrids loaded into an autoloader. Furthermore, the Metal Universal HPF & Grid Box comes in 6 colors, and each unit comes with a unique serial number, all to help in the tracking and organization of samples. Also, this Box works with all types of lids.

Metal Universal HPF & Grid Box

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