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Autogrid Ring
Packaged Autogrid Rings

Premium Quality, Half-Priced Autogrid Rings Now Available

Ring Outer Diameter [mm]

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New Products & Services

Clipping Station

Clipping Station w/Puck

Our Clipping Station is the first station to provide a high quality foam dewar that integrates storage puck access, clipping and cassette loading in one system. Furthermore, a new clipping design utilizing a downward press with tweezers rather than twisting of Thermo's brass cylinder is much more natural, and along with a usable, efficient lid, provides a top-of-class clipping system.

Autogrid Rings

Autogrid Ring

NanoSoft's Autogrid Rings are a premium quality, less variable version of autogrid rings for use in Thermo Fisher cryoEM autoloader systems, at half the price. Our rings are manufactured with cutting edge technology, enabling such high quality.



NanoSoft's C-clips function the same as the TFS version, and are compatible with both NanoSoft and TFS autogrid rings.

Metal Universal HPF & Grid Box

Metal Universal HPF & Grids

The Metal Universal HPF & Grid Box holds HPF hats, bare grids and autogrids all in 1 pocket. The first storage box to hold 3mm HPF hats. The flat sides make for easy screwing in and out of a lid in HPF workstations without cut-outs to hold grid boxes. Furthermore, the anodized aluminum material is robust and can be autoclaved.

Clipping Tool

Clipping Tool

The Clipping Tool is compatible with Thermo Fisher's clipping station. Its compact design means when placed into the clipping station, it stays deep enough to remain free from ice contamination condensing onto the Clipping Tool. It is easy to move the Clipping Tool and eject the c-clip with a pair of tweezers.

Gatan 626 Cable

Gatan 626 cable

Tools that work with the Gatan 626 cryo-holder, enabling the operation of the stage - all from an easy to source supplier. Always in stock and pricing better than from the OEM.

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