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New Products & Services

Reverse Action Autogrid Tweezers

Reverse Action Autogrid Tweezers.jpg

A reverse-action version of our Autogrid Tweezers, with the same notched tips but with the convenience and security of reverse-action tweezers.

Hybrid Grid Box

Hybrid Grid Box

Hybrid Grid Box's patented design has separate pockets for unclipped grids and autogrids, securely cradling samples while allowing for unmatched ease in placement and removal. Makes for easier workflow with fewer grid boxes needed and easier traceability of samples from vitrification through imaging.

Bulk Storage Grid Box

Bulk Box with 12 Autogrids

The Bulk Storage Grid Box's patented design stores 12 autogrids optimally, and can also hold 12 unclipped grids comfortably in the same slots. Storage for an entire cassette of grids from vitrification through to data acquisition. Optimal storage density and sample traceability in one grid box.

Clipping Tool Repair

Barrel camera pic.jpg

The inside barrel of the clipping tool will wear over time. This cumulative damage often results in difficulty seating C-clips at the tip of the tool without them popping out prematurely. Our service makes the barrel like new.

Spearlab Tall Dewar


Spearlab Tall Dewar is a foam vessel capable of holding LN2 and is perfectly sized to slip cryoEM puck canes into to place into/remove from transport/storage dewars at cryo temperature during sample retrieval

Vitrobot Foam Dewar

Vitrification Dewar + Ring

The foam Vitrification Dewar is compatible with the Vitrobot. The design is compatible with both FEI and NanoSoft metal parts (Spider, ethane cup, grid box ring). Furthermore, the design provides an improved interface with the Igloo, creating a better seal to contain cold nitrogen gas.