Autogrid Rings & C-Clips

Thermo is a mega company and their focus is on super beautiful cryoEMs, and they sell autogrid rings only because it enables the cryoEMs to work. We care only about your rings! We don’t sell $5M microscopes - as you know, our focus is providing high quality tools to improve the sample preparation process. We put our time and energy into making sure these “small” things are as high quality as possible, and will continue to push innovation in this area to make them even better. And as a small company we don’t need to charge the mega high margins to cover our costs - we’re happy to supply needed tools to the community at more reasonable prices

SKU: 20021004
Price: $325

Clipping Tool

SKU: 20021001
Price: $150
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Vitrobot Tweezer
SKU: 20021003
Price: $250

The patented (pending) Bulk Storage Grid Box design has a pocket with 12 slots that are optimal for cradling 12 autogrids - an entire cassette of autogrids in one grid box.