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Repair services for tools used in the cryoEM sample preparation workflows, providing "like-new" tools for a significantly cheaper price and in a sustainable fashion. Furthermore, NanoSoft offers materials characterization services with cryoEM.

Clipping Tool repair

Clipping Tool Repair

Have you been loading your Clipping Tool with a C-clip but the C-clip keeps flying out of the barrel of the Tool?  Have you clipped a grid and after "clipping", found that the grid falls out of the Autogrid ring because the C-clip wasn't there? 

There is a wear process that occurs as C-Clips are loaded and unloaded from the Clipping Tool barrel - there is progressive damage inflicted at the edge where the C-Clip sits prior to grid clipping.  Eventually damage results in occasional C-Clips flying out of the Clipping Tool barrel prior to clipping - ultimately the damage leads to C-Clips not remaining at the edge and no longer being able to use the Clipping Tool.  Replacing the Clipping Tool has meant purchasing a new one for ~$1,000.

NanoSoft is now offering a repair service for the Clipping Tool that refurbishes the edge to like-new quality.  The inner edge of the Clipping Tool barrel is perfectly clean and reliably holds the C-Clip until ready to be inserted into the Autogrid ring.  NanoSoft's optimized process ensures the edge is refurbished uniformly and the C-Clip is inserted perpendicular to the Autogrid ring.  A like-new Clipping Tool for 1/3 the price! Available for Clipping Tools used with the Thermo Scientific Krios or Arctica only.

SKU: 20021004
Price: $325

Cryo-Tweezer/Vitrobot Tweezer Repair

SKU: 20021001
Price: $150
bent tips 2.jpg
Vitrobot Tweezer
SKU: 20021003
Price: $250

Despite treating tweezers with great care, inevitably, their continued use can lead to damage, particularly to the tips.  Damaged tips on tweezers used for plunge freezing make handling the grid difficult, leading to dropped grids, wasted time, wasted sample, etc.  There have always been two options: buy tweezers, then machine and assemble them yourself (and hope they don't interfere with blotting!), or pay full price for a brand new Tweezer assembly. 


NanoSoft has introduced a new option - send in your damaged Vitrobot Tweezers and receive them back like new.  We will refurbish the tweezer tips to as good as new.  And if you are sending in NanoSoft Cryo-Tweezers for repair and we can't do it, we'll replace the damaged tweezers with a new pair.  Our repair service spares you the time and headache of trying to refurbish your own tweezers, and at a significant discount from the price of new Vitrobot Tweezers.  

Tweezer Repair
CryoTEM Materials Characterization