Ethane Condenser

Autogrid Inspection Tool

Easy to place condenser cap interfaces securely with the Vitrobot spider enabling "one-handed" ethane condensing, where the user can focus solely on controlling the ethane flow rate and the level of liquid ethane.

Tool enables a final check of clipping quality before loading autogrids into the autoloader cassette, potentially saving weeks in TEM down time, which is likely in the case of loading a poorly clipped grid that comes unclipped in the autoloader or column.


The Igloo interfaces with the Vitrobot vitrification dewar to reduce cryoEM sample contamination through multiple features, and creates an overall easier sample preparation process, leading to improved sample preparation efficiency. 


The Cryo-Tweezers have modified reverse-action tweezers so that you don't have to fight with the Vitrobot tweezers and the black clip to hold grids.  Plus the spring-loaded clamp makes placing and removing the tweezers from the plunge arm much smoother, making your life easier and reducing the number of wasted grids.

Vitrobot Dewar Parts

These parts work seamlessly with the dewar that comes with the Thermo Fisher Vitrobot, and perform equally as well, but with a significantly lower price.

Autogrid Tweezers

Autogrid tweezers for manipulation of autogrid cartridges, with same dimensions as the Thermo Fisher version, but with a significantly lower price.


Clipping Tool Repair

The inside barrel of the clipping tool will wear over time. This cumulative damage often results in difficulty seating C-clips at the tip of the tool without them popping out prematurely. Our service makes the barrel like new.

Cryo-Tweezer/Vitrobot Tweezer Repair

Tweezer tips are delicate and can easily be damaged with normal laboratory use.  Rather than discard a tweezer with damaged tips, we can repair them and send them back to you in like-new condition.

Cryo-TEM Materials Characterization

We utilize nanomaterials expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation to characterize nanomaterials, including polymer nanoparticles, liposomes, vesicles, micelles and any type of particle architecture.


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