General Sample Preparation

Items that are useful for the general workflows of cryoEM sample preparation.


Spearlab Tall Dewar

The tall dewar is a replacement for upright glass or stainless steel Dewars. The insulating properties of the Spearlab tall foam dewar are comparable to those of conventional stainless steel and glass Dewars, at a fraction of the cost and provide superior durability and safety. This vessel is designed for short term storage of canes for cryoEM pucks, enabling a safe and convenient way to manipulate pucks in and our of larger transport or storage dewars. This vessel has a 3.5-inch cylindrical cavity, 12.3 inches deep , which gives it a capacity of 1800 ml liquid nitrogen. 

SKU: 28021001
Price: $180
Tall Dewar

Spearlab Standard Vessel

SKU: 28021002
Price: $110

This vessel, which holds 800 ml of liquid nitrogen, is a foam replacement for large sized, low profile glass Dewars. The foam has superior durability, safety, and thermal insulating properties. The standard vessel shape is circular, with a protruding handle, and comes with a matching foam lid to insulate the contents from ambient air. The vesesel opening is advantageous for various steps in the cryoEM sample preparation, such as grid box placement and removal from puck storage systems, etc. The cylindrical cavity in this vessel is 5.8 inches in diameter by 2.8 inches deep.

Standard Vessel