Hybrid Grid Box

NanoSoft offers the metal parts of the dewar set that accompanies the Thermo Fisher Vitrobot.  Our Grid Box Ring sits at the same height as the Vitrobot version (so grid boxes sit at same depth into dewar) but is slightly thicker and remains in contact with liquid nitrogen longer if the nitrogen level gets low.  Our ethane cup dimensions mimic those of the Vitrobot ethane cup, and the spider as well.  We offer these parts that perform just as well with the Vitrobot and its styrofoam dewar set as the Thermo Fisher parts, but at a more generous price than other options. 

Metal Parts Set, 3 pieces
SKU: 21021003
Price: $525
Grid Box Ring
SKU: 21021002
Price: $250
SKU: 21021001
Price: $200
Ethane Cup
SKU: 21031002
Price: $125