Hybrid Grid Box

NanoSoft's patented (pending) hybrid grid box design is the first cryoEM sample storage box that has dedicated pockets for both unclipped grids and autogrids.  This optimized design securely cradles autogrids and unclipped grids while also allowing for easy placement and removal from pockets. All unclipped grids have individual pockets. There are 2 pockets for autogrids, each housing 2 autogrids; the shift in the axis of the pocket guarantees that tweezers grabbing one autogrid cannot accidentally contact and damage the neighboring autogrid in the same pocket.

Sample pocket numbering is simplified with the patented design, whereby samples are arranged vertically and can be considered samples 1 through 4, top to bottom. Upon clipping, the autogrid can be shifted to the autogrid pocket directly across from the unclipped grid pocket, maintaining the same pocket number (1-4, top to bottom).

Furthermore, organization, traceability and sample tracking are made easier by the 6 different available colors and also by the randomized serial number on the side of the grid box (no customization). Furthermore, the colors were chosen for their opaqueness and strong contrast with the grid, making it easy to visualize the pocket and the placement and removal of unclipped grids and autogrids.  

Although other pin lids can work with the Hybrid Grid Box, our Pin Lid design allows for optimized access to all sample pockets in the Thermo Fisher Scientific grid clipping station and cassette loading station. Our Pin Lid does NOT work with Thermo's autogrid box. Slight blue tint allows for easy differentiation from other types of pin lids.

Grid Boxes

Hybrid Grid Box w/Pin Lid

Pack of 12 Boxes
SKU: 14021007
Price: $143
1x Box, Yellow
SKU: 14151005
Price: $13
1x Box, White
SKU: 14151001
Price: $13
1x Box, Pink
SKU: 14151006
Price: $13
1x Box, Blue
SKU: 14151002
Price: $13
Pin Lid
SKU: 14151026
Price: $5
1x Box, Green
SKU: 14151003
Price: $13
1x Box, Purple
SKU: 14151004
Price: $13

Hybrid Grid Box w/o Pin Lid

Pack of 12 Boxes
SKU: 14021008
Price: $110
SKU: 14021001
Price: $10
SKU: 14021002
Price: $10
SKU: 14021003
Price: $10
SKU: 14021004
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SKU: 14021005
Price: $10
SKU: 14021006
Price: $10

* By ordering a 12-pack as seen at left (either with or without lids), you will receive 2 pieces of each of our 6 colors at a discount from the per grid box price. If you would like a 12-pack with a different combination of colors, please add the desired units to your cart and use coupon code 12pack to get the discount.

Hybrid Grid Box

Hybrid Grid Box's patented design has separate pockets for unclipped grids and autogrids, securely cradling samples while allowing for unmatched ease in placement and removal. Makes for easier workflow with fewer grid boxes needed and easier traceability of samples from vitrification through imaging.