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Bottoming Tool

NanoSoft's Bottoming Tool is a easier, more convenient way of positioning the C-clips, used for clipping autogrids, into the clipping tool.  After sliding the C-clip into the barrel of the clipping tool, place the barrel of the tool into the middle cavity of the Bottoming Tool with the tip pressed as far in as possible. Then press the plunger of the clipping tool as is typically done to position, or bottom, the C-clip at the face of the clipping tool barrel. With the Bottoming Tool, the clipping tool is guaranteed to be perpendicular to the surface in the Bottoming Tool, leading to fewer lost C-clips that pop out of the clipping tool barrel when not bottomed with the tool flat against the table. Plus it's easier to position the clipping tool and ensure appropriate placement when you can hold the Bottoming Tool up away from the table.

SKU: 230
Price: $XX
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