Products that enable the clipping of grids and their manipulation and ensure the quality of the clipping.


Clipping Tool

Clipping Tool
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Price: $250
4-pack, Clipping Tools
Includes 4 Tools, 1 C-clip Bottoming Tool, 1 Tool Rack

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Price: $900
Clipping Tool Rack
SKU: 24031004

Price: $25

Our Clipping Tool is loaded with c-clips and clips grids the same way as the Thermo Fisher version, and is compatible with the Thermo Fisher clipping station. The difference is that with our version, instead of ejecting the C-clip by pressing a long plastic handle like with the Thermo version, you press on our tool with a pair of tweezers. Our version has the advantage of a compact design so that when they are placed in LN2 in the clipping station to be cooled down, the entire body is deep enough inside the station that they are untouched by any frost from environmental moisture, even when left in the station at cryogenic temperature for long periods of time. This means you can pre-load as many of our tools with C-clips as you would like, cool them all down at the same time, and then clip all your grids at one time without with little consideration for ice contamination - no need to warm, re-load and re-cool clipping tools. 


Our recommended workflow is that after loading the Clipping Tools with c-clips, you place them into our Clipping Tool Rack, and then place the rack with Clipping Tools into the clipping station for cooling. When ready to clip, you can use any type of tweezer to grab the back end of the Clipping Tool - the square profile of the plunger/back end enables simple and comfortable grasping with tweezer tips. Small protuberances provide extra support to keep the Clipping Tool from twisting while you transfer it from the rack to the position to clip the grid. We recommend using our Reverse Action Autogrid Tweezers - the Clipping Tools remains very securely in position during the transfer. Place the Clipping Tool into position for clipping and release the tool; we recommend pressing down on the top of the Clipping Tool to eject the c-clip and clip the grid, i.e. not while grasping the sides of the plunger with the tweezers. This will help you ensure that you can keep the tweezers straight while pressing the plunger - you will find that the shorter body of our Clipping Tool enables you to keep the tool straighter than competitor clipping tools while clipping, which helps ensure that c-clip actually insert into the autogrid ring as intended.

C-clip Bottoming Tool

C-Clip Bottoming Tool
SKU: 24021001

Price: $40

The C-clip Bottoming Tool provides an easier and more efficient way to "bottom" the C-clip at the tip of the barrel of a clipping tool prior to clipping. After pressing the c-clip into the barrel of the tool, instead of pressing the tip of the barrel against the tabletop or a pair of tweezers to push the c-clip to the tip of the barrel (by pressing the plunger), you place the barrel into the Bottoming Tool and press the plunger of the tool to bottom the c-clip. The cylinder of our Bottoming Tool ensures that the barrel of the clipping tool is straight, so upon pressing of the plunger to push the c-clip to the tip you are much less likely to "mis-bottom" the c-clip. Often when pressing the tip against the table top or another flat surface, you are not able to hold the barrel exactly straight again the surface and you the c-clip can fly out of the tool and is lost. Our Bottoming Tool provides an easy way to ensure you don't mis-bottom c-clips anymore. 


Autogrid Tweezers (traditional)

NanoSoft offers the Autogrid Tweezers that accompany the autogrid clipping and cassette loading station from Thermo Fisher Scientific for their autoloader-based cryo-EM workflow.  Our Autogrid Tweezers are designed to have the same geometry as the version from Thermo Fisher, such that cartridges/autogrids are handled and loaded into the cassette in the same way. This includes a notched feature in the tip of the tweezers that provides a datum against which the autogrid can rest, ensuring that the autogrid is placed centered in the cassette slot and at the correct depth. 

Furthermore, our version of the Autogrid Tweezers has the removable tips attached with a specialty adhesive that ensures that the tips remain aligned appropriately (while allowing for disassembly if needed).  We offer this item with equal or better performance than the Thermo Fisher part, but at a far more generous price. 

SKU: 23021002
Price: $595
Sale Price: Now $395

Reverse Action Autogrid Tweezers

SKU: 23021004
Price: $395

NanoSoft has developed a version of the Autogrid Tweezers that maintains the same tip geometry as the traditional Autogrid Tweezers (with notched tip to safely cradle autogrids and ensuring that autogrids are placed centered in the cassette slot and at the correct depth), but with a reverse-action handle. The reverse-action handle ensures that the tweezers hold the autogrid securely in their natural state, making orientation and manipulation steps with the autogrid easier, and ensuring that the valuable clipped grid cannot be dropped.


Autogrid Inspection Tool

SKU: 18021002
Price: $85

High demand for cryo-EM imaging time at core facilities has resulted in ever-growing throughput of samples through high-end, autoloader-based EM's.  Often the person loading autogrids into the autoloader cassette did not clip the grids that they are loading.  Inserting a poorly clipped autogrid into the cassette could lead to it popping out of the cassette while in the autoloader and significant EM downtime.

The autogrid inspection tool is a low-cost way of performing a last autogrid inspection step prior to loading them into the cassette.  It is placed into a grid box spot in the cassette loading station and will remain there securely due to the spring-loaded detent on the side of the tool.  Autogrids can be placed in the groove of the Autogrid inspection tool and quickly flipped back and forth to check that the grid is securely clipped.  It provides a final, low-cost check to help ensure only well-clipped grids are loaded into the autoloader, saving the potential disaster of a poorly clipped grid coming undone in the autoloader and weeks of downtime.