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Blotless Cryo-EM Sample Preparation

The sample blotting process has been used since the inception of cryo-TEM to thin sample appropriately for the heat transfer requirements of vitrification and imaging requirements.  Automated systems have helped to provide some repeatability the process, however many generations of these systems across several models have made no progress in improving the core sample processing.  Blotting-based systems continue to have issues with repeatability, artifacts and ease of use.

NanoSoft is developing proprietary sample preparation techniques to be integrated into a blotless cryo-EM sample preparation platform.  The blotless process will provide improved ice repeatability and eradicate potential sources of artifacts.  Furthermore, it will be a flexible platform, allowing for customization for each users research needs.  It will be easy to use, allowing beginners to start building valuable data from day 1.

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